UPCに提起された仮差止事件の一覧 2024/5/26更新

Case number Division EP patent Hear the other party Protective letter  Outcome of decision
UPC_CFI_2/2023 Munich local EP4108782 granted in part
UPC_CFI_177/2023 Düsseldorf EP2546134 granted in part
UPC_CFI_214/2023 Helsinki EP3295663 rejected
UPC_CFI_249/2023 Munich local EP3763331 rejected
UPC_CFI_292/2023 Munich local EP3883277 rejected
UPC_CFI_357/2023 Munich local EP2794928,E… rejected
UPC_CFI_354/2023 Munich local EP3287315 rejected
UPC_CFI_443/2023 Munich local EP2043492 granted in part
UPC_CFI_452/2023 Düsseldorf EP3466498 granted
UPC_CFI_463/2023 Düsseldorf EP2697391 granted in part
UPC_CFI_497/2023 Munich local EP3655341 Pending
UPC_CFI_74/2024 Munich local EP3866051 Pending
UPC_CFI_98/2024 Munich local EP2839083 Pending
UPC_CFI_123/2024 Hamburg EP3167888 Pending
UPC_CFI_124/2024 Hamburg EP3167888 Pending
UPC_CFI_130/2024 The Hague EP2713879 Pending
UPC_CFI_131/2024 The Hague EP3831283 Pending
UPC_CFI_133/2024 Düsseldorf EP2393417 Pending
UPC_CFI_165/2024 Düsseldorf EP3805248 Pending
UPC_CFI_166/2024 Düsseldorf EP3805248 Pending
UPC_CFI_151/2024 Hamburg EP1944067 Pending
UPC_CFI_201/2024 Munich local EP2152073 Pending