しかしこの度欧州特許庁は2024年1月のOfficial Journal でEPC加盟国外の出願人、つまり日本の出願人にもアクセス可能な減免制度「新EPC規則7a条」が2024年4月1日が導入されることを公表しました。




・ここで「零細企業」とは、従業員数が10人未満で、年間売上高および/または年間貸借対照表合計が200万ユーロを超えない企業を意味します(Article 2 of Commission Recommendation 2003/361/EC of 6 May 2003 as published in the European Union’s Official Journal )。


・出願料(135 €)
・調査料(1520 €)
・指定料(685 €)
・審査料(1915 €)
・特許査定料(1080 €)
・維持年金(過去の記事「欧州特許庁、手続料金の値上げを公表 2024年版」をご参照ください)




減免措置を受けようとする出願人が欧州特許出願日前の5年間に5件以上の欧州特許出願または欧州特許協力条約(Euro-PCT)出願していないこと(新EPC規則7a条(4 ))。




  通常金額 割引後金額
出願料 135 € 95 €
調査料 1520 € 1064 €
指定料 685 € 480 €
審査料 1915 € 1341 €
3年次維持年金 690 € 483 €
計: 4945 € 3463 €


Rule 7a EPC

(3) Where a microenterprise, natural person, non-profit organisation, university or public research organisation files a European patent application or, in respect of an international application, performs the acts referred to in Rule 159, the following fees shall be reduced in accordance with the Rules relating to Fees:
(a) filing fee;
(b) fee for a European or supplementary European search;
(c) examination fee, and in addition the previously paid international search fee where the European Patent Office acted as International Searching Authority;
(d) designation fee;
(e) fee for grant;
(f) renewal fees for the European patent application.
(4) The reduction of fees referred to in paragraph 3 shall not be available where the same person has filed five or more European patent applications or Euro-PCT applications within a period of five years preceding
– the date of filing of the European patent application concerned or
– the date of entry into the European phase of the Euro-PCT application concerned.
The relevant date for previous applications shall be the date of filing in the case of a European patent application or the date of entry into the European phase in the case of a Euro-PCT application.
(5) In the case of multiple persons filing a European patent application or a Euro-PCT application, the reduction under paragraph 1 or 3 shall be available only if each applicant fulfils the applicable eligibility criteria.
(6) The eligibility criteria laid down in paragraphs 1 to 3 shall be fulfilled on the date of the payment of the fee concerned.